Episode 462 – Earthwar Part 4: Mordru, Master of Earth! Jet Skis Baby!

Darren and Paul are joined by Travis Ellisor as they look at the final chapter of Earthwar. Finally, the Legionnaires know who is behind the invasion of Earth, but are they ready to stop Mordru?

One thought on “Episode 462 – Earthwar Part 4: Mordru, Master of Earth! Jet Skis Baby!

  1. Mordru’s pathology is really interesting. First as you note he doesn’t try to kill the legionaries he has in hand until his collection is complete. That seems to be a common super villain pathology right? The LSV also operates that way in the Eye for an Eye War.

    But more interesting, Superboy knows kryptonite can kill him but he handles that logically. Mordru knows being deprived of air or trapped underground negates his powers but it’s not a physical defeat, it’s a psychological defeat that traces back to the Xerox master who defeated him in his youth. That’s why he had a mental block against considering that the legionaries might have tunneled away from him. Similarly Mon-El knows intellectually that he can survive lead poisoning really only through being placed back in the phantom zone but his emotions override his intellect and well we saw what happened a few episodes ago//we’ll see what happens in future issues about that . We also see that since Mordru doesn’t use computers himself, he is blind to the possibility the four escaped legionaries can be found using the legion computers

    also a plug to continue going in legion chronology order. It’s more fun to see Ontir’s treachery as it unfolds rather than get the spoiler up front and the plotting much later. Ditto the long lead in to the LSH-LSV war. I vote that if you skip around, you do t by rotating which incarnation you read, but read each incarnation in chrono order.

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