Episode 474 – A Madman Shall Lead Them

The Subs talk about part 2 of the League of Super Assassins story, but before that, they get into a discussion (thanks to James Purcell on the Facebook page) about Alan Moore and Curt Swan’s Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow. Was it a response to the darkening of comics, or was it a further salvo in that darkening? Listen to our thoughts, and share your own on the Facebook page, or by email!

One thought on “Episode 474 – A Madman Shall Lead Them

  1. Pretty big stuff this time guys!
    Got to say I adored “Whatever Happened to…”, I don’t concentrate on the deaths so much as the happy ending. I do agree with you that it was the meta comment that the ‘old’ Superman doesn’t belong in the new Post Crisis world. Although it was interesting that Moore’s take on Supreme in the 90s showed that Silver-Age goofiness can still be adorable without seeming dated.
    I should also remind you of another reappearance of Silver Age Superman that you overlooked – Peter David’s final issues of Supergirl. Remember pink kryptonite Darren?
    Anyway, I’m commenting just before Halloween, one year on from this episode, but I’ve just baked a Pumpkin Pie so I’m with you in spirit!
    Oh, and Legion News from Britain! Tomorrow is the terrestrial, free-to-air debut of Supergirl on TV (five days per week!) so I can catch up hopefully quickly.
    Cheers all

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