Episode 475- The Super Spectacles Swipe

The Subs go back in time to Smallville, and then back even further to Krypton on a fateful day, in order to save the world. It’s fill-in madness, along with the latest in Legion news and some character talk.

One thought on “Episode 475- The Super Spectacles Swipe

  1. This issue always fascinated me. I never read it at the time, but I did buy (for some unknown reason) a copy of Action Comics 499 from the same month. The issue featured Vartox so, unsurprisingly, I did not buy Action comics again for years!!
    But the issue did contain an extremely cool full page advert for this issue. Superman as a boy?? He was part of a whole Legion? They did time travel? That looked amazing! Of course, the spotty distribution in England in those pre specialist shop days meant I never found the issue.

    But to comment on your other tangent – the appearance of Durlans and the mystery of Chameleon Chief: I hereby submit for your consideration, All-Star Comics 56 from 1950. The Justice Society travel forward in time to the 31st Century to save Earth from an invasion of the shape-changing Chameleons. The were a bit more munchkin-like and blue but they did have the big ears and lack of antennae of Chameleon Chief. A possible link there?

    Cheers all!

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