Episode 477 – Who Stole the Legion?

Paul, Travis and Michael talk about Superboy and the Legion 257. Topics include: Legion speculation in the Crisis on Earth X crossover event on the CW, Gerry Conway’s run on the Legion, Steve Ditko’s fill-in stories and the paradox of fun-size candy bars.

3 thoughts on “Episode 477 – Who Stole the Legion?

  1. Just like to add one thing to the discussion of who was to blame for this slightly less-than-stellar era of the Legion. I’d like to put myself squarely in the camp of blaming Jack C Harris.
    I don’t know a great deal about him, but it is my understanding that he’s the editor who completely screwed over Steve Englehart over Madame Xanadu. Englehart said Harris promised him a higher page rate, then found out he wan’t authorised to do so. But he didn’t tell Englehart that there was no extra money until after the story was delivered. Englehart walked and took the story to Eclipse where it became Scorpio Rose. (The whole story is in the Coyote TPB)
    Of course this doesn’t really explain why the Harris run is so lacklustre, but it does show a certain management style which might mean creators wouldn’t feel compelled to up their game for him.

    • Makes a lot of sense David! I wasn’t aware of the Englehart story, but it all makes sense. Once Mike W Barr came on, there was definitely a change!

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