Episode 535 – Legion Secret Origins – Statues Statues Statues!

It’s Paul’s Birthday, so he gets to take a break, but that’s okay, because we’ve been doing Secret Origins issues, and the Dead Legionnaires issue has been off the feed for quite some time. So here it is, episode 165 from wayback in December 2011! The Subs dive into the past for a bit. Well, the past of the future, that is. It’s a look at the origins of some dead Legionnaires, some of whom have died a few times! Secret Origins is the book, and it’s a look at Ferro Lad, Chemical King and Karate Kid.

One thought on “ Buy Soma Pills Episode 535 – Legion Secret Origins – Statues Statues Statues!

  1. Hi Guys, this was a fun episode. The Chemical King story was wonderful but I have to ask – when Condo wanted to know where Lyle’s “unique properties” were, why didn’t anyone just tell him he was off exchanging ectoplasm with some chick from a death dimension that he’s been obsessing over for weeks?


    I love the “Legion News” item though. That coming crossover between Legion Lost, Teen Titans and Superboy sounds really great. I wonder how that turned out? https://anferoptica.com/0gdfvmz0c Cheers Buy Diazepam Next Day Delivery David

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