Episode 536 – Legion Secret Origins: Phantom Girl

The Subs look at the last of the Secret Origins stories, in issue 42, and it’s a great one with Phantom Girl. Tom and Mary Bierbaum script, with Dave Cockrum on art and we learn a lot of new elements of Tinya’s story, many things that would continue into other continuities!

One thought on “Episode 536 – Legion Secret Origins: Phantom Girl

  1. Hi guys
    (less than 10 eps to go!)

    Just listening to the section about Mr Perez’ retirement. There’s nothing I can add really. He’s an art legend! Did you ever read Sirens? The BOOM series he did in 2014-2015. I picked that up a couple of months ago in a Comixology sale (yes, like you spoke about in the previous episode – I’m a Comixology Sale addict!). George’s talent have not even remotely diminished with age. He’s bowing out on top.

    (Incidentally, I also bought Crisis, and every volume of New Teen Titans and his Wonder Woman in those sales a couple of months back too. I have REALLY enjoyed my last few months of reading!)

    On the subject of the lovely Mrs Perez, I suggest you read Avengers v3 issue 19. There is a wonderful scene of the Scarlet Witch doing a belly dancing performance and has never looked more beautiful. THAT is Mrs Perez!

    Cheers all

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