Episode 543 – Legionnaires 3 Part 1: Future Shock

The Subs finally wade their way into Legionnaires 3. There’s Captain Marvel talk (spoiler free), Doomsday Clock, Star Wars, some Mailbag feedback, including the Amalgamation of the Subs and the Great Lakes Avengers!

One thought on “Episode 543 – Legionnaires 3 Part 1: Future Shock

  1. It would have been so cool if this had been the episode where I caught up, but Paul sneaked in a Superboy Chronicles right under the wire!

    My thoughts on the episode:
    Doomsday clock timeline. – Would it be better for the timeline if we assume that the comment about a man in an iron mask waiting to try out for a Legion referred to Sir Prize?

    James Woods. – The only James Woods film I know is “The Hard Way”, but it does contain one of my absolute favourite movie quotes ever: “I want to star in a movie that doesn’t have a roman numeral in the title!”

    Legionnaires 3. – I was very happy for earlier defeats of the Time Trapper to be Doombotted but I insist that “Uncle Time Trapper” from Adventure 338 was genuine.

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