One thought on “Episode 554 – 5YL Part 4: One. Punch.

  1. Howdy Y’all from Bi-lingual Brit Boy! My ability to say “Shut Yo Mouth” comes from a year I spent in the US many years ago when my friends painstakingly taught me how to say “yo dude” while keeping a straight face! Anyhow, my recent and ongoing Superboy re-read project took me through the Action and Cockrum-Superboy era. And so I remember one example of a story that might have been the germ of the Eltro theory:
    It was in Superboy 190 where Mon-El says he doesn’t want to be re-elected as leader because he’s lost confidence and says he might crack under pressure. (which is funny because the only other leader who did eventually crack under pressure was the only other resurrected Legionnaire – Proty!)

    Online Zolpidem Tartrate I enjoyed the discussion about progression in comics and how fans want development but always want to hark back to “classic” versions. It brings to mind a quote cited by Alan Moore in an early 80s essay:

    “You see, somewhere along the line, one of the newer breed of Marvel editors… maybe it was Marv Wolfman, maybe it was someone else, had come up with one of those incredibly snappy sounding and utterly stupid little pieces of folk-wisdom that some editors seem to like pulling out of the hat from time to time.
    This particular little gem went something as follows; ‘Readers don’t want change. Readers only want the illusion of change.’ Like I said, it sounds perceptive and well-reasoned on first listening. It is also, in my opinion, one of the most specious and retarded theories that it has ever been my misfortune to come across.” (Al Sedano has not been consulted in the writing of this feedback)

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