Episode 553 – 5YL Interlude: Paul Punches Himself Some Continuity

A look back to 2009 when the Subs took their first look at Mon-El’s Continuity Punch. Next week, we look at it again. Have our opinions changed? You tell us!

2 thoughts on “Episode 553 – 5YL Interlude: Paul Punches Himself Some Continuity

  1. Ahhh, Summer. All you ever get are reruns! 🙂

    It is interesting to hear, though, whether 10 years are going to make a difference to your views on this era. The most fun part, I have to say was your look at “current” news with Jeckie’s peek-a-boo outfit and speculation about Quislet. So much fun in those days when there was actual Legion News!!

    I also miss the regular discussions on the merits of B’Wana Beast. Is that wrong of me?

    • Lol. I recognize that this is perhaps more recent a rerun than it is for the rest of us! Lots of new episodes on the way, with the odd break here and there to cover my camping trips. It’s not like the old days where we could record two episodes a night. We just don’t have that kind of lifestyle anymore. 😉

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