One thought on “Episode 592 – 5YL Part 25: The Quiet Darkness Part 4

  1. Hi guys. Nothing extra to say about the Quiet Darkness. Just glad it’s over!
    Heavy house moving going on right now, so just a couple of notes that struck me:
    You spoke of the JLA/JSA/New Gods crossover and that it was partly drawn by Don Newton before he died and Joe Staton took over. Right story, wrong creators.
    The artist who sadly passed after finishing the first part was Dick Dillin who had completed a 119 issue run without a break! He was succeeded by New Art-God George Perez.

    And finally, a Superboy who DIDN’T leave a ‘Mon-El’ in a phantom zone for 1000 years? Is there one?
    Superclone was the one who shoved Valor into a zone of some sort for 1000 years before he was rescued by the Archies.

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