Episode 591 – 5YL Part 24, The Quiet Darkness and Episode 3 Travis’s first issue!

The Subs dig back into The Quiet Darkness, as we read Travis’s first Legion issue!

2 thoughts on “Episode 591 – 5YL Part 24, The Quiet Darkness and Episode 3 Travis’s first issue!

  1. Zolpidem Mastercard Hi guys. Enjoyed the opening chat about the religion debate. I work in the, let’s say, pastoral industry myself. I’m in a multi-faith office where at any one time it’s populated by priests of Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Pagan, Islam and several flavours of Christian faiths. Guess the one topic we almost NEVER talk about! Still, it’s nice when you have a cold. You get half a dozen priests all saying “Bless you” every time you sneeze!

    So, “The Quiet Darkness”.
    A lot of great comic artists get the urge to start writing their own stories. This whole series owes its existence to such an artist/writer. The downside of that, of course, is that they often stop being artists, hence the introduction of Jason Pearson.
    So then we come to Al Gordon. The writing is okay but it’s the wrong story for the wrong time. It doesn’t fit here when the story should be hitting a high gear after the moon explosion.
    Giving an untried writer a four part story at this stage of the saga just seems all wrong to me.Maybe it should have been a two parter to maintain the pace of the preceding issues. Maybe Al should have been given a single issue fill-in (perhaps a ‘buddy movie’ style story with Kent and Jo – those two were the the absolute highlight of this run). He could have gotten his feet wet before embarking on this saga at a later date.

    https://www.diynow.net/9ccb9pcnam3 Your comments on Celeste’s power: It must be Oan energy because her green power vanished during End of an Era, which corresponds to when Hal Jordan stole all the green energy to become Parallax.
    In the talk about Ultra Boy’s powers, I was reminded about a question you were discussing a few episodes back: Can Ultra Boy fly without a flight ring?
    I’ve always thought his flight was part and parcel of the Ultra-Speed side of his powers but I can’t recall where I’ve seen that mentioned. Certainly other speedsters like Johnny Quick and Marvel’s Quicksilver have been shown to have limited flight powers in the past.
    However I did look back at the first appearance of Reboot-Jo when he was with McCauley’s Workforce and he was shown flying at that time.

    As to my flat move. I’m still staying in SW8, just moving one street over within our housing co-operative. With my wife’s health issues, moving from a 3rd floor to a ground floor was an opportunity not to be missed. For that matter, I’m not getting any younger myself for all those stairs. I’m another one with a significant birthday this week! Not a round number, but a very well known significant number in DC Multiverse terms. Can you guess?

    Cheers all

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