3 thoughts on “Episode 598 – Legion of Super Heroes Vol 8 Issue 5

  1. https://canland.org/u5uwhcsf Hey guys! Almost caught up with you and really enjoying your take on 5YL so far. It makes me wish I could justify the expense of the new omnibus, but c’est lawie. Anyway, I actually need a little help and figure, the subs are the best place to turn:

    https://dolly.nl/fcxnmwx6o1 I’ve decided to increase the Legion’s presence on my shelves and would like to get into the Archies, because that’s the Legion I grew up with (and the Legion my beloved Kon El temporarily joined at one point). But I’ve been perusing Amazon and InStock Trades with little luck. There are two Legionairres collections, which cover the relaunch up to Legion 73 and Legionairres 30. But the next collection I can find is Abnett and Lanning, which starts at Legion 122/Legionairres 78. Have the issues in between never been collected?

    https://www.stevehackman.net/5lisav8m Thanks for your insight and for keeping me sane these long, slow nights at work. As always, LLTL.

  2. https://www.inewsindia.com/2022/08/12/k69wsxl9 Nice episode 598 guys! Interesting to hear both how you all are dealing with the lockdown and how you felt about volume 8 issue 5. Because of the weekend explosion of corona virus cases Japan is just now considering a lockdown (as of April 1st), but most people who go out are wearing masks, anyway. The social distance thing? Not so much, especially on trains. Anyway, I loved the issue, too. FINALLY we get some deeper info on why they brought Jon to the future and the Bendis’ humor hit the mark more than it missed this time. The artwork was great, too! I want issue 6 right now!

  3. https://amigosmusica.com/wlk0sxj I’ve found the new series enjoyable and frustrating in equal measure so far. I enjoy Bendis’ feel for dialogue and character, and always have (for the most part), and I think that’s been fully on display so far on his Legion run. But the book is moving at a pace that’s best described as glacial. We’re five issues in and more than half of the Legion has yet to be so much as name-checked. We’re just now starting to get the beginnings of an idea about how the 31st century works. The Legion hasn’t done anything except find a trident and argue with people about it. Paul Levitz is and will always be the greatest Legion writer who ever existed, and it isn’t because he wrote scintillating dialogue (he didn’t. Sometimes it was downright painful to read). It’s because he was a master at juggling the huge cast of characters, better than anybody before or after him has ever been. You never went more than a few issues without at least getting a glimpse of EVERYONE in some character-driven context, even if it was only in the background in one of the Altman-esque group scenes that he dropped into the books on a regular basis. I am as intrigued by Bendis’ interpretation of the Legion as anybody, and now that with this issue I’m finally getting an idea of where it’s headed, I’m actually excited about it. But by the same token STOP STANDING AROUND AND TALKING ABOUT IT! MAKE SUPERBOY FINISH THE DAMN ORIENTATION VIDEO AND THEN GO FIGHT SOMETHING! I’ve seen enough of Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl for now. Show me Shrinking Violet. Show me Matter-Eater Lad. Show me Sun Boy.
    OK, rant over. As always, you guys are rockstars and I love the podcast. I’m gonna stick up for Darren because I also thought there was something a little risqué in the look Brainy was giving Chameleon Boy. I also think that Jacques Foccart is the only Invisible Kid, or Gentleman, or whatever. I think they may have originally intended Lyle Norg to be I-Kid and decided very late in the game to change that, and the early Lyle reference was a mistake that got through.

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