3 thoughts on “Episode 599 – Bits of Legionniare Business

  1. Re: Episode 599- Oh, just a head’s up guys! I no longer live in Saga (Saga, Saga) City. I moved to the Tokyo (Kanto) area (Hey, wasn’t he a Kirby New Gods character?). Well, you could say Chiba, Chiba, Chiba (the prefecture I live in) or Noda, Noda, Noda (the city I live in). Anyway, thanks for filling me in on some Legion content that I missed and probably will never get. I think I saw that issue with the retro-Legion story but I didn’t buy it because I didn’t look at the cover well enough. I thought it was quite strange though, that Continuity Kid forgot that Chameleon Boy didn’t have his powers at that time (nice catch, Darren!). Did Michael ever try to take another stab at placing the retro story?

    • I was thinking about some of the placement problems of the retro story and was wondering if it might fit in with the Star Trek/Legion crossover which also was placed in the post Great Darkness period, but also at the time when Chameleon Boy wasn’t supposed to have powers.

  2. Hi guys, just a quick catch up.
    Enjoyed listening to you tell your tales of your comic buying habits of your youth. Made remember my childhood buying habits.
    In England in the 1970s, most of my comics buying was the Marvel UK weekly anthology reprints. The big two being The Mighty World of Marvel, usually starring the Hulk and Spider-man Comics Weekly. These comics came out on a Thursday so I had to rely on my mum buying them for me at the not-very-local shopping centre. I was on a two comics per week ration so whenever Marvel UK expanded its line, I had to make the fateful choice of which do I drop.
    But when school was on holiday I would go shopping with my mum and had the pleasure of picking up the occasional American import that the newsagent would randomly carry. The one that I would always look for was Marvel’s World War II mag, the Invaders. Ponder the irony of that for a moment… I would read UK comics with stories set in the US and a US comic with stories set in the UK.
    On Saturdays, I could go to my local newsagent myself and pick up the weekly football anthology comic, Roy of the Rovers for me and my little brother.
    My fondest comics memory of my younger years is of my summer holiday to North Wales in 1981. The local distributors must have picked up some job lot of US comics as every shop in town was loaded with a variety of 1979 Marvels. I was old enough to go out exploring by myself so I could save my pocket money pennies and hunt down everything the dozen or so newsagents had on offer. Among the gems I found that summer were the first few Miller Daredevils and some pre-Dark Phoenix X-Men. All for 12 pennies each!
    It was pretty much that summer which turned me away from UK reprints and on to US originals (with my two per week ration translating to 8-10 per month!)

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