Episode 628 – 5YL Part 42 Issue 38: An Earth Shattering Kathoom!

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine!

One thought on “Episode 628 – 5YL Part 42 Issue 38: An Earth Shattering Kathoom!

  1. Guys
    The Mon-Elves… the reason I cited this in reference to a “Future Legion” was that they were from DC One Million. The M’Onelves (as they actually were named) were members of the Justice Legion L and were descendants of an intermingled Daxam-Imsk. They weren’t mediaeval style characters they were just little cute action figure sized Daxamites – a bit like the old Superman Emergency Squad from the Kandor Bottle City.

    Issue 38 – definitely a tear jerker. It’s not a good number for Legion titles. It also gave us the death of Superboy and the final issue of the Reboot Legion in 2004.
    All those parts about “short-sightedness, greed and neglect” still need to be written now. And when it spoke about those last days being humanity’s finest reminded me of what I saw during my holiday in New York in September 2001 (which started on the 10th!!). All I saw then were people just wanting to roll up their sleeves and seeing what they could do to help. It still inspires me now.

    But looking to the future…

    I just had a glance at Zero Hour and it showed both the 64th Century of Abra Kadabra and the 57th Century of “Pol Manning” Green Lantern. They were both referred to being on “New Earth”. So Dan Jurgens, at least, was paying attention!

    And there is another Barcelona. The planet Barcelona. The Christopher Eccleston Doctor was going to take Rose there in 2005. It’s notable for having dogs with no noses.

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