Episode 629 – Legion of Super Heroes Vol 8 Issue10: First Kiss

The Subs are joined by Derek and Brent from the Future as they look at issue 10 of Legion of Super Heroes Vol 8.

6 thoughts on “Episode 629 – Legion of Super Heroes Vol 8 Issue10: First Kiss

  1. Not to repeat myself from Facebook, but how could you guys miss the flying Batmobile on page 4 panel 2? I guess you were too excited about Commissioner December Sevenbergen. Also, I really missed the each-sub-taking-a-turn-at-reading-a-page format of the previous issues. I mean, you had Mr. Binns there and didn’t use his reading expertise. Also, I wonder what makes Paul so upset about the time/editorial glitches or people who can’t see that they are a part of the story? He was cussing more than Darren!

  2. Hi team

    I always loved Quislet. He was my favourite back in the Baxter series. But he has made appearances since then. More than just Legion of 3 Worlds. He made his reemergence as one of the Espionage Squad that watched over Mon-El in the 21st century during the New Krypton storyline and was one of the team in the Levitz volume 6. For some reason though, he vanished after Flashpoint and he was listed among the missing Legionnaires in volume 7.

    Saturn Girl’s mindscape did make a few appearances before. But I think it was only in the reboot era.

    I’d forgotten about Blok being impervious to mind control. How did they get around that in Universe Project?

    Gold Lantern’s mask is pretty appropriate if this new Oa is veering more towards Sinestro Corps. It reminds me of Zaphod Beeblebrox’s peril sensitive sunglasses – designed to go completely black in the presence of danger thus preventing you from seeing anything that might scare you.

    Funny you mention the “Wandjina” style Kryptonians looking Asgardian. Since Wandjina was designed as an analogue to Thor in that old JLA story. His team was DC’s response to Marvel’s Squadron Supreme.

    I had a thought about that scene showing Brainy watching Abin Sur. You are right that it is strange for Hal Jordan to have such puffy pirate sleeves. But do you know who was well known for having puffy sleeves? Alan Scott!
    Has dodgy 30th century record keeping got the GL origin stories confused?

    Finally, were they Martian onion rings? And were they out of this world?

  3. One more thing – You have to check out an episode of the BBC comedy “Coupling” by Steven Moffat. Season 2, episode 3 “Her Best Friend’s Bottom” has a scene about choosing furniture fabrics with the ‘subtext filter’ turned on.
    One of the characters has every line replaced with a continual repetition of “Me….me….me…..me” and so on.

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