Episode 639 – Legionnaires 1: Baptism by Fire

The Subs are joined by Brent from the future, and Justin from New Jersey as we discuss the first issue of Legionnaires, the art of Chris Sprouse and his costume designs, and we bid farewell to Steve Lightle.

2 thoughts on “Episode 639 – Legionnaires 1: Baptism by Fire

  1. Legionnaires was my big jumping on point as a regular Legion reader too. Although I didn’t come on board with issue 1, it was more like issue 7 – the holiday issue. I knew enough about the regular Legion though to be real confused about who these kids were.
    I did buy the earlier issues of Legionnaires, soon after. And I did get the Computo trading card! But it left me none the wiser as to who they all were.
    Your talk of Cosmic Boy’s name reminded me of a discussion in Hawk & Dove. A cop friend of Dove’s talked about why super-villains always picked names that described what they can do and how it made the police’s job easier. “If I could walk through walls, I’d call myself Concrete Man and confuse everyone.”

  2. Oh, and I have a question about the Apparition entry at the back of the book. It says she has the power to conjure up purple mist from the zone to create a limited smokescreen effect.
    Is that new? And if not, where did it come from?

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