2 thoughts on “Episode 639 – Legionnaires 1: Baptism by Fire

  1. Legionnaires was my big jumping on point as a regular Legion reader too. Although I didn’t come on board with issue 1, it was more like issue 7 – the holiday issue. I knew enough about the regular Legion though to be real confused about who these kids were.
    I did buy the earlier issues of Legionnaires, soon after. And I did get the Computo trading card! But it left me none the wiser as to who they all were.
    Your talk of Cosmic Boy’s name reminded me of a discussion in Hawk & Dove. A cop friend of Dove’s talked about why super-villains always picked names that described what they can do and how it made the police’s job easier. “If I could walk through walls, I’d call myself Concrete Man and confuse everyone.”


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