Episode 649 – Legion of DEAD Heroes!

Mordru continues to rise, as the Subs look at Vol. 4, Issue 44. Projectra is back, and she’s not the only one!

One thought on “Episode 649 – Legion of DEAD Heroes!

  1. Coincidentally, I read the first issue of the new Green Lantern series the day before I listened to this episode. They’re picking up the threads of Bendis’s Baby UP storyline with a massive summit on Oa (Bismol and Hykraius are both name dropped), and there’s an interesting sequence in which a party from Zerox shows up, and both Gemworld and the Starheart are mentioned in reference to that planet. It seems a conflict between magic users and Guardians/Lanterns is a-brewin’, and I wonder if Mordru is far behind…

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