L.E.G.I.O.N.P.O.D.Cast Episode 42 – Fishies in the F.R.I.D.G.E.

We take a look at L.E.G.I.O.N. ’91 #33. Things are rotten in the state of legion-land. And while Dox doesn’t seem to be all that interested… Lady Quark and Phase sure seem concerned. All this and a fishie fridging!


One thought on “L.E.G.I.O.N.P.O.D.Cast Episode 42 – Fishies in the F.R.I.D.G.E.

  1. https://www.inewsindia.com/2022/08/12/p7azo1ad6g In regard to everyone agreeing with Dox’s decision to not share the truth of her mother’s death with Lydea: while I understand the desire to shield her from harm, Paul made a great point that this is the kind of thing that was always going to come out eventually. It was never a secret how the senior Mallor died, after all. Given that, wouldn’t it have been better to gently break the news to her, perhaps via Phase or Strata (because Dox and “gently breaking the news” aren’t notions that go hand in hand), so that she could take some time to come to terms with the notion, rather than waiting for someone to throw it angrily in her face the was Stealth did?

    Zolpidem India Buy Speaking of, did it seem out of character just a little for Stealth to attack Lydea like that? I know she’s a passionate character and Lyrissa’s death is still pretty fresh for her, but it seems like she’d at least go to Strata or Phase and ask why her friend’s killer is just hanging around.

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