Episode 694 – Hanging Out With Bendis

Legion writer Brian Michael Bendis joins the Subs to talk about the Legion, early comic book days, and TV adaptations. All this, plus trivia and This Week in Legion History.

2 thoughts on “Episode 694 – Hanging Out With Bendis

  1. Hi Subs! It’s been too long since I’ve sent a message, apologies! You know I love every episode but the interview eps are always top notch! This Bendis interview was so great and it’s awesome to hear the love for the Legion in his voice!


    https://www.inewsindia.com/2022/08/12/3h7smwd Just two quick notes:

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    https://brooklyntri.org/xvn4y6ath5a Who will Travis be cast as on the new show ? I know who I’d pick for him.


    In response to the stump from last week, doesn’t Duo Damsel wear a “D’” on her belt in the cape and thigh high suit? The cat suit definitely has the dangling double d but I’m not sure she ever wore that as an active Legionnaire.


    Much love Subs! Talk to you soon!


    LLL, Mike Driscoll

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