Episode 551 – Five Years Later Issue 2: Jo Sells Some Silverale

The Subs talk about issue 2 of vol 4, the 5YL series. Where’s Ultra Boy been and what’s he been doing. You’ll find all of that out here! Also, spoilery (if not ending revealing) discussion of Avengers: Endgame. Don’t worry, we save it until the end, and we’ll give you plenty of notice.

Episode 549 – 5 Years Later, Twenty Years Later, Ten Years Later!

It’s a holiday weekend, and a good time for a trip in the time bubble! Next week, we start looking at the 5YL run, again! First, though, let’s take a look at the first time we did that, nearly ten years ago. Next week, you’ll see how our views have perhaps changed, evolved, or remained the same! For now, hear what we thought of the first three issues of the run, way back then!