Episode 45 – Back From The Future!

Finally, the time bubble lands in the 20th Century, reuniting the Timelost Subs with their families and friends, just in time for Klordny Week. There are, however, subtle changes in the timeline. In this continuity, Paul now has a daughter, Darren has a new computer, Matt has a new case of Con Crud, and Scott is drinking beer instead of scotch!

Despite all of these changes, the Subs discuss the Chicago Comicon, the Secret Origin of Fortress Lad, Adventure Comics #1, the art of Francis Manapul (and Agnes Garbowska!), The Weddings that Wrecked the Legion, from Adventure Comics #337, and where to find us on The Twitter!

All this AND we officially welcome a new Legionnaire into the fold!

Special Thanks to The Legion Wiki for the information on Klordny.

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