Episode 109 – Born Under A Lucky Star

https://centrovino-ribeirasacra.com/2023/09/07/6wv8heu This episode is all about Matt, as the Subs take a look at Star Boy’s history, while the Legion elects a new leader both in this story, and in the present. Have you voted yet?


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  1. https://anferoptica.com/cgcvyzvywv Oh No looks I’ve hit the Iron curtain of Time What am I to do. For last few months I would read 2-4 silver age and then an 80’s legion then a 21st century legion trade. Well actually I decided to go on a legion marathon finishing my curse hardcover and then my eye for an eye and the more things change trade so i could time jump to the dystopian year of dec 2016 With Mad empereor Trump ruling the land for tales of the legion. It’s a shame your 3boot episodes were destroyed like poor superboys pocket dimension I love that stuff especially when they re-enact the lana/superboy haircut gag. Oh well on the plus side I am finally going to start reading the reboot legion now that I’ve finished rebels.