Episode 281 – Crisis Counselling 7 Beyond *choke* the Silent Night

The Subs take a look at Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, and go in deep on all the characters and events, as we say good by to a Legionnaire, and a hero that was always more than just Superman’s cousin.

2 thoughts on “Episode 281 – Crisis Counselling 7 Beyond *choke* the Silent Night

  1. I will grudgingly accept Marv Wolfman’s statement that Crisis #7 was the best Supergirl story. He is also correct that Supergirl was never used particularly well in her own series. She was used well in various Legion stories, however, even in the Threeboot. Within Legion continuity, she had personality, even in early appearances. Forget the headband, just think of her in her Satan Girl togs…

  2. What I hated the most of all the efforts to bring supergirl back as an alien shapeshifter, or angel, or again as a Kryptonian, is that each rebirth only cheapened the sacrifice the original character made. Bring back flash, ok, but let supergirl just remain as a fallen hero.

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