One thought on “Episode 502 – Crisis in the 30th Century

  1. On this issue (the first part of the JLA-JSA-LSH crossover), boy were you right that this is a JLA story and not a Legion story…
    Those shape-shifting creatures on Antares who worshiped the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath … how could Legionaries be surprised by the morphing powers of Proty/Proty II’s people? And Sun Boy (who could easily melt his bonds without hurting his captors) and Wildfire (who, remember, had such good control that he could give McCauley’s nephew laryngitis without burning him, couldn’t free themselves (and thank you for your outrage about the story forgetting their flight rings).
    As far as the planet plagued by dragons … I side with Brainy, a pesticide would probably be a more reliable protector than a scarecrow carved into one side of the planet. You know what else would be? Projectra scaring the dragons off with an illusion of the very beast she showed the Lanterns, and staying on planet to keep them away while Brainy brought the Green Bell of Uthool to Mordru. For extra measure, a pity Tyroc–shut your mouth–wasn’t there to mimic the peal of the bell.
    Regardless of any published timeline, if you assume this continuity included every Legion adventure since Adventure 247, with all the additions, deaths, powers coming-and-going (I’m looking at you, Chuck, or should I say, powers bouncing back and forth), the team would have had at least ten years of experience, which is also born out by the physical maturing of its members, and this story came out around the same time as LSH 233 which explained how the team kept sporting names like boy and lass while into their 20s and 30s.
    All of which is to say how sad & frankly dumb the team ends up looking in this issue.

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