Episode 524 – Look Homeward Argonian

The Subs take a look at a story in which Supergirl temporarily teams up with the Legion after a chance meeting with citizens of Argo City. Then, in the spirit of Hallowe’en, they take a look at fan costume ideas from Adventure Comics 403. All this, plus a dip into the Subs Mailbag, and This Week in Legion History!

2 thoughts on “Episode 524 – Look Homeward Argonian

  1. I’m not particularly a fan of the Legion but I enjoy this podcast. I’ve listened to the first 412 episodes (minus the single ep that’s missing from archive.org) in rapid succession and hope to be caught up the present by the end of the month. My favorite out-of-context soundbite from Paul reading Superboy in ep 412 was “And you get a view of the darkened house and there’s a UFO hovering above their house and you see a ding-dong ding-dong.”

    • Thanks for listening, Peter! Glad we’re entertaining enough to keep you listening, despite not being a Legion fan! I take that as high praise!

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