One thought on “Episode 581 – 5YL Part 20: A Moon Shattering Kaboom!

  1. Great news on the Five Years Later collection. A big part of me wants it, but I’ve got all these issues on Comixology and I’m trying to get rid of physical stuff at the moment (a house move is happening in the next couple of months) and I figure this volume would take up a whole shelf by itself!
    And what’s the gutter loss like in books of this size these days?
    And finally – I’m just not sure I even have the arm strength in my advancing years – volume of this size are a younger man’s game! 🙂 However, I’ve been doing the maths on a volume 2.
    Issues 1-39 + Adv of Superman 478 + Timber Wolf 1-5 + Annuals 1-3.
    Assume annuals being double sized, that gives us a 51 issue equivalency for V1 (probably 52 once you add up all the Who’s Who pages). V2 could have issues 40-61, Annuals 4-5, Legionnaires 1-18, Annual 1, Valor 22-23 and L.E.G.I.O.N. 70. That’s a 49 issue equivalency.
    The only likely sacrifice in that line-up being the 11 issue Valor D.O.A. storyline. But even so, they might stretch it as the Legionnaires and Valor issues are about 3 pages shorter each than the regular Legion title.

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