Episode 310 – Wait, So Is He Monarch Now?

The Subs check out Part 2 of the Justice League United Future’s End story as a formerly Lost Legionnaire makes his triumphant return to the Justice League… wait… what? Captain Atom has gone bad, and Hank Hall is nowhere to be found.

One thought on “Episode 310 – Wait, So Is He Monarch Now?

  1. As Paul mentioned, the main reason I hold Zero Hour in such low regard is its unceremonious dismissal of the JSA. Fortunately, Johns, Goyer, and Robinson would later demonstrate the story possibilities of “legacy” heroes.

    And yeah, I’ll certainly listen to your discussions of the lesser DC events. The podcasts should be great listening; I wouldn’t miss Darren’s take on Extrano for all the musical theatre on Broadway! It’s not as if I’ll have to read the comics again.
    Amazons Attack? Emperor Joker??? *shudder*

    Oh look, a bunch of LoSP’s Five Years Later episodes just popped up on my iTunes feed. I love those comics…

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