Episode 313 – Six Degrees of Substitute Podcasting

The Subs celebrate 6 years of podcasting by doing what they do best: Talking about comics and going off on tangents! Thanks to all of those that have followed us from the beginning, as well as those who have joined us along the way!

One thought on “Episode 313 – Six Degrees of Substitute Podcasting

  1. Congratulations on six years, guys!

    Matt was too kind to say it, but I’m not: Lab Rats is awful. Writing, acting, characters — AWFUL. I’d substitute classic Star Trek for Legion fans for its diverse cast and high content of sci-fi adventure and melodrama.
    Darren did redeem himself by including Powerpuff Girls and Phineas and Ferb, though.
    My go-to ended-too-soon comics series is The Shadow by Andy Helfer and Kyle Baker. Trippy as hell, suspenseful and hilarious by turns, featuring gorgeous art and the most egregious unresolved cliffhanger ever. Runners-up are Aztek and the recent Marc Andreyko-penned Manhunter series.
    Fave books as a kid were largely Marvel: Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Team-Up, Avengers, and Defenders, plus Brave and the Bold and JLA. I too enjoyed comics with many characters running around; more bang for my limited buck.

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving to Paul and Scott… and an early Happy Thanksgiving to Darren and Matt, I guess?

    Keep up the great work, all! LLLoSP!

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