Episode 517 – The Reflecto Saga Part 2: Tragedy at the Top of the World

The Subs dig into the second chapter of the Reflecto Saga (saga saga) in Legion of Super Heroes 278. Joined by Murray Fox and Jim Purcell, they follow the Legion into space to fight Grimbor’s chains, and then down to Earth in the Arctic to do battle with Grimbor. Despite what Paul says at the top of the show, it is indeed episode 517!

One thought on “Episode 517 – The Reflecto Saga Part 2: Tragedy at the Top of the World

  1. Hi guys. Really enjoying this crowning achievement of Legion Lore!!

    A couple of thoughts. First off, you forgot one thing that should be coming up soon for a “5 years ago in Legion History”: The Infinitus Saga (that word again!!) started up in JL United in 2014.

    I was thinking about your Venn Diagram for the Justice Society and the Legion (appropriate since we’re in the middle of Roy Thomas’ run on Legion). Here’s a theory I’ve long been nursing… There’s never been an origin for the LSV’s Chameleon Chief, apart from the bare fact that he’s not a Durlan. What if he’s a member of the race of Chameleons that the JSA fought way back in All-Star Comics 56 when the JSA travelled forward from 1950 to the 31st Century?

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