Episode 525 – DC Comics Presents In Final Battle

The Subs give a bit of history to Mongul, and present a battle that includes the Sun Eater, and the Legion. What more could you want?

2 thoughts on “Episode 525 – DC Comics Presents In Final Battle

  1. Well, just call me “Timely Lad”!
    I’m in the middle of a massive read through of Superboy from 1945 onwards and right now I’m right up to this LSV story. So it was good to finally get the chance to read along with you guys.

    • Oops, looks like I posted that one in the wrong episode thread!

      Anyway. Just want to comment on the Mongul episode as well. I’ve got that Mongul trade on Comixology but I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t include DCP 29, the epilogue to the first Mongel 2 parter. It was also by Starlin and wrapped up the loose ends from the story in a way that was highly reminiscent of his Captain Marvel Metamorphosis story. Most importantly it had Superman getting a well deserved beatdown from the Spectre for being an arrogant dick!

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