Episode 545 – Legionnaires 3 Part Two: From Hell to Eternity

The guys talk about some announcements at C2E2, issues happening with some collections, and Mike Grell’s Kickstarter opening some Legion related stretch goals. Then they finally get to issue two of Legionnaires 3, and discuss the career of Ernie Colon. All this, plus This Week in Legion History!

2 thoughts on “Episode 545 – Legionnaires 3 Part Two: From Hell to Eternity

  1. Hi guys, my first LIVE response!

    You mentioned Jerry Ordway and the cancelled “Crisis of the Soul” project. I’ve heard of that one before and it struck me that the idea of the Earth being quarantined by alien races was recycled by Ordway nearly 20 years later when he worked on the “Maximum Security” series over at Marvel.
    Cheers all

  2. Hi guys long time no write. Just a small catch. Cos magnetizimg the iron in someone’s blood goes back before 296 …try 212 against ESper lass.

    And then never seen again (until 296 …)


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