Episode 547 – Legionnaire’s 3 Part 3:And Then There Were Two

The Subs take a look at issue 3 of Legionnaires 3, can’t stop talking about SHAZAM!, and look at the last couple of weeks of This Week In Legion history!

One thought on “Episode 547 – Legionnaire’s 3 Part 3:And Then There Were Two

  1. https://amigosmusica.com/r765xlzsgo4 Hi guys

    https://letusdisagree.com/rrsb0n1 Fun listening to you mention me catching up while I’m actually typing this!

    https://canland.org/ca74elw0qk That was a weird time post-Crisis and pre-Man of Steel. Because it was a couple of months later that the Legion went back to Smallville again to see Superboy. And then it was mentioned in the fabled issue 38 that the aforementioned visit was, for Superboy, PRE-Crisis (but POST-Crisis for the Legion!!).
    Never could get my head around that one!

    https://www.wararadio.com/jbhgdap1cg7 Oh yes, one more thing… Infinity Inc. Tony DeZuniga was the inker over McFarlane at that time. DeZuniga may be a little heavy-handed but he nicely covered over any inexperience that McFarlane had at the time.
    But my stars, McFarlane’s page layouts were a thing of beauty.

    https://dolly.nl/emdn1j64sfh Looking forward to hearing Darren testing my stumps!

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