Episode 557 – The Day the 32nd Century Cracked the Internet in Half!

The Subs take a look at this week’s Legion news, which is just like it usually is. Nothing strikes anyone as… Holy cow, here comes all the news we’ve been waiting to hear!

2 thoughts on “Episode 557 – The Day the 32nd Century Cracked the Internet in Half!

  1. Hi team,
    Well I said I’m not keen on a Bendis Legion, but I’m certainly going to support it. And as you say Paul, Bendis’ style does change from book to book so just because I didn’t like his Avengers, and loathed his Guardians of the Galaxy, it doesn’t mean I won’t like his Legion.
    I do get what you’re saying though about his Avengers being incredibly successful, taking out of the doldrums it had been in under *ahem* Geoff Johns (and the understandably disastrous couple of Check Austin arcs)!
    So, I’ll suck it up and support it and hope it makes a success.

    So the 32nd Century… I like the idea of Legion descendants. It reminds me of the old Supergirl story when the Legion said they were the children of the team that recruited Superboy. But there’s another thought I had: what if they want to leave open the option of having Justice League 3000 as part of Legion history?

    cheers all!

  2. Guys, love the show! Though not a fan of 5YL at all, i’m still listening to you guys at least for everything else!

    This was the first time I almost yelled out loud to you! Bendis created Jinny Hex! She’s tied to DC of course, red head, and not many will mind her being this character. Also in Young Justice, he’s brought back Connor. He might finally be coming together with Superman, Jonathon Superboy and all of them to become the Superboy with the Legion! At least I hope, now everyone will have a Superboy. I hope.

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