Episode 565 – 5YL Part 11: Tenzil Kem Takes a Bite Out of Crime

https://www.sinpunktofijo.com/2023/09/07/idmci1t In which a former Legionnaire has success as an archaeologist, a lawyer AND a TV star! Legion vol 4, issue 11 brings much joy!

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One thought on “ Episode 565 – 5YL Part 11: Tenzil Kem Takes a Bite Out of Crime

  1. Happy Klordny team! Classic story, this one. Probably my favourite of the whole FYL run – certainly the most enjoyable. https://parksiderestaurant.co.uk/glmewim9c Thinking about the lack of editorial control over Giffen, you were mentioning. It’s pretty understandable as all of DC’s Editorial attention at this time was exclusively on deleting Superman and Daily Planet references from everything outside the Super-books!


    https://parksiderestaurant.co.uk/5dfcbt1o By the way, it’s not unlucky to refer to “Macbeth” in a letter. According to the Royal Shakespeare Company, it’s only unlucky to say the name out loud, and even then it has to be said within a theatre for the curse to take effect. https://domarco.com/4s3pb7am https://www.rsc.org.uk/macbeth/about-the-play/the-scottish-play


    Cheers all