Episode 564 – Legion Chat with Eisner Nominee Jeff Messer

Jeff Messer joins the Subs to talk about his experience at SDCC as an Eisner nominee, and all sorts of other stuff!

3 thoughts on “Episode 564 – Legion Chat with Eisner Nominee Jeff Messer

  1. Guys you don’t know how excited I got when Atari Force was mentioned! I still have every one of them and still wish for more. Such a fantastic Sci-fi comic. Every time I see them in my comic box I pray for a new collection.

    Great talk with Jeff Messer too. It was very insightful and I’ll be looking up more of his work!

    As usual keep up the great work!

  2. Great interview team (although I was really looking forward hearing you chew over the Tenzil issue!)

    TwoMorrows is an amazing company. I’ve been reading their stuff on and off since Alter Ego was a flip book with Comic Book Artist. Roy Thomas’ All-Star Companion volumes have pride of place on my shelf and I never read an All-Star Archives story without having the Companion to hand.
    I do own the Legion Companion but never did get around to buying Legion Outpost. I will correct that oversight someday.
    The last one I bought from them was the DC Implosion book. I learned so much history from that one. A fantastic read.

    Looking forward to Maggie the Cat but I’m only sorry I couldn’t afford the Legion sketchbook.
    On the subject of Kickstarter, the first issue of Karl Kesel’s Impossible Jones was sent round to backers the other day. I thoroughly recommend it. Remember Karl from his wonderful Superboy run in the 90s? (Not the real Superboy, of course – the OTHER one!) And as an artist he goes down in history as the only inker who made Rob Liefeld look good.

    Ah yes Legion Archives 6. I shedder with the memory of that one. I was so OCD those days it made me remove the dust jackets from the series and display them all naked on my shelf.

    Point to note on Lightning Lad. His revised hothead personality appeared earlier than you mentioned. It surfaced with the SW6 Lightning Lad and served to highlight an important revelation. SW6 Imra made the observation in LoSH33 that the angry violent Garth sounded “like… like you USED to…”, ie before he died. Thus seeding the plot point that the revived mild-mannered house-husband Garth was not exactly who we thought he was.

    Looking forward to you making a meal of the next Legion issue next week.

    • Forgot to mention, “Issues With” sounds an amazing series. Looking forward to it!
      If you’ve not seen it yet, I want to recommend “Future Shock: The Story of 200AD” which is a documentary interviewing many of the writers, artists and editors associated with the UK comic 2000AD. So many of these creators were the ones headhunted to DC by Karen Berger in the mid 1980s. Some brilliant insights into comic history there.

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