Episode 567 – 5YL Part 13: State of the Universe

The Subs are joined by Derek Binns (From the Future) to discuss uncharted 5YL territory with issue 13. Lots of feedback, as well as a deep cut Stump the Subs!

2 thoughts on “Episode 567 – 5YL Part 13: State of the Universe

  1. The future of the past rhymes far too well, with our present.

    Hey Subs. No stumpage today, but I did want to share a few thoughts on how listening to your podcast made me think about things here in Earth Prme’s 21st century.

    I appreciate that you strive to keep politics out of your podcast. There were I think a few times Darren had to bite his tongue, and better, there were several times he didn’t.

    When you recounted the Justice League of Earth storyline, which i probably listened to about a year or so ago, the parallel to recent events is the US was striking. Earth Man unraveled superman’s legacy by using faked documentation about his birth. The series began in Action 859 with a cover date of Jan 2008, so it was written well before that … and March 2008 is the date I see credited with the start of the birther movement in US politics. Maybe those dates are off or maybe there were preceding echoes of birtherism before Jan 08, but it sure feels to me
    LIke the story was prescient.

    Listening now to the Five Years Later run was all the more chilling. I did read the JLE series as it published, but FYL was during my long absence of legion reading. I did get bin copies of the first few issues, but hearing the full first year storyline I can’t help but think the Dominators used what we now call hybrid war or grey zone conflict to capture earth in ways similar to Russia’s 21st century adventures in Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia, and let’s not forget its stealth politics here in the US. And FYL didn’t precede this by months, it preceded this by 10-20 years, depending on which examples you look at. Even throwing in the dominators using willing / unwitting accomplices like Morgna, akin to the Russian social media operations that counted on millions of Americans from all political stripes to perpetuate their messaging.

    Scary stuff, for so-called “Funny books”

    LLL, friends

  2. Hi everyone
    Congratulations on avoiding stumpage. I guessed a few of the answers but I don’t think I made it to 10.

    Superman in 1990. That was during Superman’s battle with the Eradicator, the Krypton artefact that he received while he was on his self-imposed exile in space. And he was exiled in space because he’d had a nervous breakdown and created a Batman style split personality for himself – Gangbuster.
    And he had the nervous breakdown due to the guilt of executing the Pocket Earth Kryptonian criminals.
    So everything Superman had been going through in the previous couple of years all spun out from, and required, the existence of the Pocket Earth.
    And, yeah, Matrix Supergirl too.

    And Darren – when you get your new Condo, are you going to name it “Arlik”?

    Cheers all

    PS, I’d be happy to take up Derek’s offer of a London meet up but how does one contact him?

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