Episode 569 – 5YL Part 14 Ultra Boy Talk Pretty Some Day

The Subs are joined by Josh Wilson as they look at Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1 (1990). Along with this is Legion News, Feedback, and a Stump the Subs that forces the Subs to look at themselves.

2 thoughts on “Episode 569 – 5YL Part 14 Ultra Boy Talk Pretty Some Day

  1. Hi team
    Well, that was epic. Even after last week’s first stab at this annual, you find so much more to talk about. Even so, I got some of my own thoughts to add.
    The Conspirators: You query why some of them were there in the new timeline, particularly Saturn Girl and Duo Damsel. It’s been since established that Luorbu had a crush on Valor, in exactly the way she had previously done with Superboy. As for Saturn Girl – well I don’t think she had particularly good reasons for her specifically being there in the old timeline either.

    Purchasing Ambien Online When did Valor discover Invasion II? It would originally have taken place AFTER the 1990s Valor series. In the D.O.A. storyline, the SW6 Valor had to reenact the seeding of the UP worlds due to the younger Valor having died before he could do it. Extremely wibbly-wobbley!

    https://canland.org/dj585do998 Yeah, that image of Superboy battling Mordru confuses me too. Mind you, in Time & Time Again, even the Superman office had to concede that there was a pocket-Superboy in the Legion in some way. According to the sourcebook he was admitted to the Legion right after Polar Boy’s election and was only there for a couple of weeks before dying. Before I read the Sourcebook I had my own theory. Here goes:
    In the Glorithverse, Valor and Laurel were supposed to replace Superboy and Supergirl but that doesn’t work. Just look at the re-enactment of Murder Most Foul in the Annual: It’s Valor and Laurel who take down Jo, whereas in the original it was Mon-El and Superboy.
    Valor may have replaced Superboy as the inspiration, but he didn’t replace anybody in action. Valor is Mon-El. It would actually make more sense to think of Laurel being the substitute for Superboy in most stories. If Laurel was a Supergirl replacement then she’d hardly be there at all as Supergirl was an occasional member at best.
    So I always thought that Pocket-Superboy was recruited during the early silver-age, probably in a story not dissimilar to Adventure 247. But the difference in the Glorithverse is that he never became much more than an honorary member and only showed up during those few occasions when the original story had Superboy, Supergirl and Mon-El in action together.
    (Despite possible intentions and misconceptions, Kent Shakespeare is a red herring. He was never any kind of timeline replacement for Superboy appearances as his Who’s Who entry makes clear that he first joined the Legion early in the 5 year gap.)

    https://www.satipanya.org.uk/2022/08/12/y9xor8c So, when did the Dragon Court scene take place in Legion history? And when did the Mordru v Glorith battle the place? It was shown to be after Adventure 316, of course, but since Vi says she wishes she had someone tough and stupid like Jo, it must come before she met Duplicate Boy in Adventure 324. So that’s a fairly narrow window. Probably sometime around January 2976 in the timeline.
    Did Braniac 5 murder An Ryd, now? I know he was proven innocent in the Pulsar Stargrave story but I never could make much sense of how that worked. By the way, Brainy went mad after experiencing an entire cycle of the time stream? Funny, as it would have been at roughly this precise time in the timeline that the same thing happened to Jaxon Rugarth.
    And that last line about Phantom Girl: “No Legionnaire served so honourably”? Yeah, until she becomes leader – then it’s all “Run away! Run away!”

    Ambien Buy Thanks for the good words about my meet up with Derek. It was cool how e identified each other in the café: He wore a Legion t-shirt, I was reading the Legion Companion!

    https://www.stevehackman.net/nlbaipc2 That’s all from me now. Except to say I burnt up more housekeeping money in the Legion sale! I’ve got all the way up to the end of 5YL now!

  2. https://www.lvmodernhomes.com/2022/08/12/gw1o79i Something just hit me as I was listening to Paul make his now-regular “Superboy is the adventures of Superman as a boy” complaint: multiple alternate futures have shown Kon El grow up to become Superman (such as Titans Tomorrow and Batman 666), and there’s at least two I can think of in which Superman’s son with Lois, named Jon, grows up to become Superman (Son of Superman and Multiversity: The Just. It can therefore be stated fairly conclusively, depending on which continuity you’re in or which future you prefer, that either Kon or Jon’s stories are…the adventures of Superman when he was a Boy. Meaning they’re both just as legit as the OG Superboy based on your definition?

    Just a discussion point that popped into my head as I listen, all alone, in my government mandated seclusion. Thanks for keeping me company, guys. LLTL

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