Episode 579 – Legion of Super Heroes #1: It’s Bendis Time!

After 6 long years, there is a new Legion of Super Heroes ongoing series. In this episode the Subs dig deep into the issue, looking at what they liked, what they didn’t as well as speculating where things are going. It’s good to be back!

One thought on “Episode 579 – Legion of Super Heroes #1: It’s Bendis Time!

  1. Hi guys! I was really happy you enjoyed the new Legion #1. I read it several times myself. I don’t have much problem with Bendis, probably because I haven’t read much of his other stuff. But I felt it was fun and I think by already being a fan of the Legion, I have patience for learning new characters and what they do. I would instruct new readers to read some old stuff if they really want to know a bit about what they may be like in the new. Assuming they are going to be close to the same. I was pretty excited a few of my favs were shown doing at least a bit in the first issue, Karate Kid, Bouncing Boy, and Wildfire. Right now, Legion is the only new comic i’m getting and looking forward to the next issue. If the goal was for me to buy it, then mssion accomplished!

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