Episode 601 – 5YL Part 27 Issue 25 The Terra Mosaic Part 1 Look at All These Legionnaires!

The Subs are joined by Derek Binns, Adam Crouch and the MonkeyMan as they meet the SW6 Legionnaires for the the first time.

3 thoughts on “Episode 601 – 5YL Part 27 Issue 25 The Terra Mosaic Part 1 Look at All These Legionnaires!

  1. 2 hours and 39 minutes!!! Is it because there are seven subs? It might take that long to get through the introductions…

  2. Hi guys
    What am I reading right now?
    I’m reading through a Dynamite bundle that I bought on ComiXology. A random assortment of collections and single issues for something like 95% off! At present I’m on volume 3 of Red Sonja by Michael Avon Oeming and Mel Rubi.
    I’m also on my Marvel Epic Collections of Dr Strange volume 1 – the complete Ditko run, and X-Men volume 3, which includes the Thomas/Adams run and those completely barmy Drake/Steranko issues.
    Even though I’m a Marvel Unlimited subscriber, I like to pick up those Epic Collections in ComiXology sales. It’s so much more appealing having complete runs in one package, especially when they include all relevant crossovers.
    I bought most of them in an extra special Christmas sale for £2.99 or £3.99 each. Unfortunately ComiXology increased all their prices in the UK recently so even when they are on sale they are now £7.99 each. Still, I managed to pick up a few more when a sale coincided with a ‘buy one get one free’ offer.
    Now for a shock. You might want to have an extra drink in hand for this…
    I love the Spider-Man Clone Saga. I even have the whole run custom bound! It brought me back to Spider-Man comics after a long lay-off. The clone, Ben Reilly, was such a refreshing character after some very ill-judged attempts to turn Spidey all grim and gritty.
    The thing most people tend to forget is that in the mid-90s post-boom comics slump, sales on the Spider-Man Clone Saga issues were going up, or at least holding steady in a declining market. People were reading it. The only problem was that Marketing caught on that sales were up and forced editorial to artificially extend the story beyond its natural life. So a 6 month story ended up going on for about 18 months (which, yes, did feel like forever when there were 4 or 5 Spider-Man comics per month!)

  3. Happy belated 600th, guys! And welcome back, Monkey Man! Hello again, Derek! Hi, Adam!

    Forgive the way my mind wanders (I listen a lot while doing paperwork at my job, where I work in an otherwise empty office, so my brain is basically free to do what it wants), but your talk about the Legion/Star Trek crossover made me think of the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossovers which made me think…why the heck hasn’t the Legion crossed over with Doctor Who yet?

    Which made me wonder: if and when that did happen, there’s a LOT of potential for variation. Which doctor, which companions, and which version of the Legion would you like to see have an adventure together?

    Speaking purely for myself, I’m drawn to the idea of the Tenth Doctor and Martha popping into the five years later timeline, right around issue 25. Or Eleven and the Ponds in the Threeboot…what do you think?

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