2 thoughts on “Episode 609 – Legion of Super Heroes 6: Solid Gold Lantern

  1. https://amigosmusica.com/rlj5cuhuq3 Thanks for the episode, guys! My Legion name this time out is “Only Slightly Disappointed Lad.” Issue 6 finished up the arc, but when I read it the first time, I felt like I didn’t get enough for the completion of a story arc. However, when I read it with Fiddlesticks Travis and the gang, I felt a lot more satisfied. I guess getting the language translation from Darren and background info and reactions from the other guys helped. I mean, just the fact that I now know that the speculators are after this issue upped it’s value in my eyes. That is so funny! Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next issue, if NOT the next episode! Oh, by the way, when I picked up my copy of issue 6 in Akihabara, there was also a copy of the facsimile of DC Super Stars #71 Secret Origins of Super-Heroes on the shelf, so I bought that also. When I got home, I looked over the files on the Facebook page and couldn’t tell if this issue was ever covered or not. Along with origin stories of Green Arrow and Huntress, the Legion origin story is one where they say the three founders had a “first mission” given to them by R.J. Brande right after they were formed and BEFORE they had flight belts. If it was covered, if you can give me an episode number it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hello, my name is uhm, uhm, CAPTAIN DEVLIN O’BOOMERBUTT!!!!!


    https://www.wararadio.com/ppc10cqw1il And speaking of Bwah-ha-ha, I’ve been re-reading the 2007 Booster Gold series. Originally written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Dan Jurgens, then written and drawn by Jurgens with a bit by Giffen and DeMattias and Chris Batista and Kevin Maguire. There’s a lot Legion love in the book with Booster’s Legion flight ring often shown front and centre on the panel and a story set during Darkseid’s occupation of Daxam during Great Darkness. Also, the humour is strong so if you’re looking for some lighthearted distraction, give it a go.

    https://www.satipanya.org.uk/2022/08/12/8k6qmfkxy Now I’m off to practice some voices, don’t ya know.

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