2 thoughts on “Episode 613 – 5YL Part 36, Issue 32, The Terra Mosaic Part 9: The First To Fall

  1. Hi guys
    Been negligent with feedback for a while but I’ve been reading, listening and enjoying.
    I am enjoying L.E.G.I.O.N. I do like reading about cold-hearted ends-justify-the-means heroes who absolutely want to do the right thing but don’t worry about how manipulative and devious they have to be to get there. Dox certainly fits the bill there and the warped mind of Keith Giffen is just the writer to keep it fun.
    So far it’s straddling a wonderful balance between the plot-heavy expanse of his future Legion and the humour of the JLI.
    As for the rest of the team: the one thing that I keep coming back to is Lyrissa Mal as Planetary Champion of Talok VIII. This is a planet that puts up with Grev Mallor, Shadow Kid as “Champion”. It’s really not a high bar.

  2. And I’ve just realised I’ve posted all that to the wrong episode!!

    Anyway. Legion 32.
    That cover: The Legion and big whiteness – never a good combination in my experience.
    Love the story this issue, but not a fan of the art. Normally I’m fine with Jason Pearson, but there’s just something wrong, for me with that final panel with Cham, Jeckie and Val before the explosion. It’s just too ill-defined smiley cutsie. I can get what he might have been going for – a last moment of innocence, perhaps. But I didn’t like it. Three characters dying should have been drawn with a little more detail. Just me.

    So, Darren… Troy Stewart… Tempest. I’m reckoning you were thinking of the old Gerry Anderson puppet series Stingray with the hero, Troy Tempest.

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