One thought on “Episode 621 – 5YL Part 38 Issue 34 The Terra Mosaic Part 11: Laurel Gand in 5 Metres!

  1. Hi guys
    I started thinking about Valor and his stance at not getting involved. I did wonder, like you did, why he didn’t play a sort-of “Red Cross” role at just going out there and saving lives, minimising collateral damage. But then I started thinking that it might be just as much counter productive. Just the sight of the legendary hero anywhere near the battlefield might make the troops imagine that Valor was going to sort it out for them, leading to much the same effect.
    I did have to smile though at King Jonn’s letter which referred to the “more fire power than we can use, with members like Jan Arrah and TENZIL KEM”. It was like “Yeah Cosmic Boy – we don’t need you, we’ve got Matter-Eater Lad!”
    Trivia time – you mentioned the Cefn Gould character being partly named after Interlac fan, Cefn Ridout. The editor of Doctor Who Magazine for Marvel UK in the mid 80s was one Cefn Ridout.
    One thing about letter columns – quite a few older comics on the Marvel Unlimited service have retained the letter columns. So it’s more likely to be a choice to omit them rather than a legal thing.
    And lastly. I realise that I’ve never read the Superman vs Muhammed Ali story. That’s an oversight I really have to correct. I do remember Marvel taking a little dig at DC in a Spider-Man comic around that time. Spidey got approached by a woman with a big smile (obviously Jenette Kahn) offering to put him into a comic book “Spider-Man vs Leon Spinks”. He responded saying he knew about her company and their deadlines and that Spinks probably won’t be champion by the time the book comes out (which of course is what happened with Ali)!

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