Episode 622 – 5YL Part 39 Issue 35 The Terra Mosaic Part 12: Sun Boy Comes Over for BBQ!

The Subs are joined by Matthew Elmslie from the Legion Abstract to discuss issue 35 of vol 4, as the Dominator War comes to an end!

2 thoughts on “Episode 622 – 5YL Part 39 Issue 35 The Terra Mosaic Part 12: Sun Boy Comes Over for BBQ!

  1. Hiya.
    The Sienkiewicz New Mutants are on my reading list too. I bought the Epic Collection in a Comixology sale. I hated it when I was 18 and gave up on the title until Jackson Guice took over (loved his work inked by Kyle Baker on that run).
    I’ve got my own X-Men reading planned but I’m going to be really brave and tackle the post-Claremont 1990s run. I’ve mapped out all the collected editions and I’m going to make a start with the Jim Lee issues.
    Nice to hear that the John Byrne Generations series is being collected. I really enjoyed that and made my own bound edition a few years ago. Some other Legionnaires do make an appearance in Generations III but only fleetingly. And while I’m on the subject of Byrne, I can confirm that the Man of Steel reprints do have pages cut from Legion 37 & 38.
    I want to say good luck to Jim with his Future Shock bid and I want to recommend a new creator owned anthology series called Spacewarp. It has been produced by Pat Mills and is aimed at exactly the sort of readership that 2000AD USED to be aimed at in its earlier years. Check it out at spacewarpcomic.com

  2. Hello Gents.
    Came over from the Legion Abstract, thanks for the welcome. Great insight about Superboy/Brainy. Enjoyed that. There does seem to be something afoot at DC. Death Metal is building to a climax at this time: a convenient means to time a linewide/organizational rejigger. Hope the Legion makes it. Or maybe I should say, looking forward to how it impacts the 31st Century? You guys are a blast! LLTL!

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