Episode 625 – Legion of Super-Heroes 9: Trial of the Legion Part 2

The Subs take a look at issue 9 of Legion of Super Heroes Vol. 8. So many artists, so many pages!

2 thoughts on “Episode 625 – Legion of Super-Heroes 9: Trial of the Legion Part 2

  1. I really enjoyed this issue (and episode.) I actually read it along with y’all this time, whereas I usually listen to it after I have read it, and have to remember the pages. (I usually listen to podcasts while driving.)

    I like how this version of the Legion seems to be a little more in the mystical/magikal/metaphysical side than the previous ones. (Charles Foster Taine’s doctorate in MetaPhysical Gateway Science, Dream Girl, Doctor Fate, White Witch, and the 3 of them responding to A Great Darkness). I personally think it has to do with the current ongoing Dark Nights Death Metal event, and whatever comes after. In the print copy, there is an ad for DC Future State January and February 2021 on the right hand page when Nura asks if they would like to see what she knows. With the other single page ads in the issue, I don’t know if the placement was intentional or not….
    Has Gold Lantern always been shown without eyeholes in his mask? It’s really noticeable in the 9panel page by Gene Luen Yang, but it is visible in his other appearances in this issue.
    I debated which cover to get this week. I really liked both of them. And the fact that neither one was card-stack (with the additional $1 price!) really made it hard. I decided on the one with the other covers on it, but did take a picture of the other one.
    White Witch’s word balloons are outlined in pink (except for the one where she says “I beleive that was a confession!”) I do like how Dave Sharpe is using the fonts and word balloons do differentiate some of the characters.
    on Michel Fiffe’s page, with Dr. Fate, I like how their arms are interacting with the ‘visions’ to their left and right.

    Looking forward to next issue (and the next podcast.)

  2. Hey gang! Great episode!
    Some thoughts:
    -I would LOVE to see more Riley Rossmo in Legion! I loved that Trip page (Monster Boy was great in the background).
    -I too would love to see this or something similar done every now and then, such a fun event! I would have loved it if it had been two issues of Who’s Who though, so what do I know?
    -While I’m not holding any art quirks from the last two issues as proof of our running theory that continuity is in flux, the writing, I think, is and Jacques calling himself Invisible KID in this issue is going on the list!
    -I’ve never been much of a Bouncing Boy fan but, dang it, I am now! And I agree with Jim, I really want his origin to still be that he accidentally drank out of the wrong soder pop bottle! (Also, hi Jim! Sorry for picking on you! I learned most words the same exact way so I feel the pain but also love hearing how people say “comic book words” differently. Continuity, Magneto, Darkseid and Desaad could bring my cousin and I to fisticuffs!)
    -The rules on Starhaven are: “tits out”! Ask Cos. I actually hope there is something to Dawny’s wing changes. Maybe a past with Bounty convinces her to join the Legion.
    -Xola Aq could still be Nura’s half sister. The High Seer may get around.
    -I am not a fan of this Mon-El. So aggro!
    -I AM a fan of this Colossal Boy (actually Gim, Chuck and Jon seem to have some great background one-liners through the series so far).
    -A couple minor disappointments are that we didn’t get much from some of the new members, including names. Also, I was holding out hope that Some of the as yet unseen members would be reboot originals but alas, it was not to be (for now…).
    -And finally, I too hope The New Great Quiet Darkness (of Time) is something all together different. Bring us some deep cut baddie out of the depths! Could Dr Mayavale access boom tubes and has he been hiding in the dark? Please no, but maybe someone else.

    Thanks guys! Keep up the great work, I’ll be listening!

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