Episode 643 – A Tribute to Steve Lightle

In this episode, we represent our October 17, 2011 interview with comic artist and raconteur Steve Lightle. Steve passed away on January 8th, 2021. We thought everyone would enjoy hearing him tell some stories, and he had a ton of them!

3 thoughts on “Episode 643 – A Tribute to Steve Lightle

  1. Hi
    I enjoyed listening to the interview again. Steve was a wonderful artist and will be much missed. It’s really sad that we’re reaching that age when so many of our childhood stars are moving off the board.
    Steve was the artist on the very first Legion comic I bought. Crisis was what brought me to DC after being a Marvel Zombie thought my early years (don’t blame me – DC never put the effort in by producing comics for the UK market!). Anyway, it was my Crisis Crossover hunt that led me to the Supergirl memorial issue that also featured the first mission of Steve’s new Legionnaires. Quislet has been my favourite ever since.

    There was something in the interview that made me think. Our friend Churl had the power to defeat any opponent, right? Which, as you all agreed, made him the lazy guy who didn’t have to work. It got me thinking, what if he had to fight the other lazy guy in the UP – Duplicate Boy? Especially if Duplicate Boy copied Churl’s power of being able to defeat any opponent.

  2. Funny how some of Steve’s ideas did get used in the Legion, albeit not with the same characters.
    Tellus not having a voice box? Saturn Girl in the Threeboot.
    Tellus having to stay in a transuit all the time? Andromeda in the Archies.
    Good ideas stay good ideas, no matter where they are eventually used.

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