Episode 644 – Legion of Super Heroes: Future State Part 1

The Subs dig into Legion of Super Heroes Future State, issue 1. All this, some feedback, some trivia, and This Week in Legion History!

One thought on “Episode 644 – Legion of Super Heroes: Future State Part 1

  1. I loved this issue. Rossmo has such a unique style that works very well in this setting. It also contrasts nicely with the style Sook had been using, letting us know at a glance that the Legion’s universe has gone through significant changes. I kind of hope the delay on new Legion material is waiting for Rossmo to be free to draw it, especially if we are (as seems to be the case) going to be going forward from this point.

    And now I put on my best Dan Akroyd voice to say: Paul, you ignorant slut. Your piece at the end about Bendis not using characters enough/properly/at all actually tickled me because of how diametrically opposite my reaction to the same creative decision was. My favorite thing about this book, hands down, has always been the sheer chaos on every page. It’s the Legion of Superheroes, and there are always a hundred people trying to do a thousand things simultaneously, often at cross purposes. It makes the book feel grounded and larger than life at the same time, and brings a very specific humor that I appreciate. I feel like having characters who keep appearing in the background but never get a word in or get properly introduced is just par for that course. Maybe these characters will get their due some day! Maybe they won’t! Maybe they’ll die off panel and be replaced with more random, nameless figures because that it the chaos that is Legion, and it brings me great joy.

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