Episode 658 – Hanging Out With Al Gordon: King of Tangents

The Subs are joined by Al Gordon, inker and writer on Vol 4, and SO much more than that! Al talks about his time in comics, favourite illustrators, movies and so much more! We had a great time talking to Al, so join us!


One thought on “Episode 658 – Hanging Out With Al Gordon: King of Tangents

  1. https://www.canadiandachshundrescue.com/2022/08/12/v75gsr52lh Guys this was my favourite episode all year. Al’s talent shone through and it made me think how much fun it would have been to have been in a conversation with him, Keith, Tom and Mary back in the day. No wonder this version of LSH is so out there. Great interview and great questions (which became harder and harder to relate to the Legion as the interview went on). Al definitely is tangent lad.


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