Episode 659 – The Great Valor Yada Yada Part Two – Yada Harder!

Ambien Forum Buy The Subs dig into issues 6-11 of Valor, continue their Ultra Boy debate, and Donna Troy keeps coming up!

One thought on “Episode 659 – The Great Valor Yada Yada Part Two – Yada Harder!

  1. Order Generic Ambien Online As usual I am several episodes behind, so this may have been settled, but I have some confusion to throw onto the Xs debate: I have very clear memories of a brief Jenni story that was a backup in the post Final Crisis Legion book. It dealt with her trying to connect/reconnect with her history and heritage after the revelation in Legion of 3 Worlds that she was originally from Earth Prime. Anyway, at one point she goes to the Australian Outback and it’s either implied or explicitly stated that her dad was Australian First People descended.


    https://letusdisagree.com/mkz4hics0y Hope that muddies things up! Thanks for all the great content.

    https://www.lvmodernhomes.com/2022/08/12/emxif37 PS how freaking great are Bart and Nora on The Flash?

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