3 thoughts on “Episode 562 – 5YL Part 9: Laurel’s Story

  1. Zolpidem Buying G’day guys, https://fayberrystory.com/a66m7a6 It’s interesting that in the post-Mordruverse timeline that Laurel Gand does not have a code name when she joins the Legion. Seeing as all the other Legionaries who joined before her had adopted a code name, and the vast majority of those who would join after her also had a code name, it’s curious as to why Laurel chooses not to take a code name. Thoughts?


    I agree with Michael – Lightning Lad was never Proty. If Proty takes Garth’s place that means he spends all his time as Lightning Lad lying. He lies to the Legion, he lies to Rokk (his oldest friend) and he lies to the ones he loves most – Imra and their kids. If the Proty/Garth storyline had have had a good pay off then I’d be more on board with it. But by the time the Bierbaums leave the book in issue 50 it wasn’t really addressed. The Kid Quantum storyline didn’t really touch on it.

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    • https://www.tenece.com/2023/04/06/p658rpwh2r Hi Derek It’s a very good point about Laurel. I wonder if it’s partly a nod to the fact that Laurel Kent never used a code name (Apart from, ultimately, “Manhunter”?). Brand Name Ambien Online Maybe there’s something about Daxamites not being big on code names. In the old continuity, “Mon-El” may not have been his real name but it wasn’t exactly much of a code name either. And even in the revised timeline, he was referred to as Lar Gand about as much as he was ‘Valor’.

      https://www.speedmasti.com/india-car-news/y3e0nsn0 As for Proty, I can buy it. The Legion hadn’t been a team for that long when the substitution took place so the lie would have been easier then. And unfortunately, you see it often enough in real life, if you leave a lie along for long enough (particularly as relationships grow deeper) it just gets harder and harder to make the reveal.

  2. https://www.lsfest.com/1s2h1jl Love it when you cover these deep cut origin-type stories. So much to examine and compare/contrast. https://lindawarrenprojects.com/htx67re I was thinking about the Sun Boy & Bouncing Boy thing and had a look back at the issue, Action 276 and the Sourcebook.


    https://fayberrystory.com/frum27th76p According to the 2995 Sourcebook, Laurel Gand is actually the 10th member to join. https://www.speedmasti.com/india-car-news/nprb9gvhq After the three founders, we get Triplicate Girl and Phantom Girl. Then as per previous continuity Colossal Boy, Invisible Kid and Chameleon Boy. https://www.whiteoaksblog.com/2023/04/06/gd7cws5a9 The 9th member, also confirmed in issue 33, is Kid Quantum. Then comes Laurel and Brainy as 10th and 11th members.

    Now the issue of Bouncing Boy and Sun Boy: They actually were there in the original Action Comics 276, but not as Legionnaires. They were there for try-outs. We know from Adventure 301 that Chuck was a failed applicant at first and I think it was rationalised somewhere that Dirk also failed first time out (maybe because all he did in that tryout was glow – no heat powers yet.)

    https://alohalibrary.org/news/ydljxc55o The 2995 Sourcebook has Dirk joining, along with Vi, 10 months later (sometime after Ultra Boy and Star Boy). So you either have to assume that issue 9 is in error and that the mission to capture Doyle was much later than the issue indicated. Or the Sourcebook is wrong and that Dirk was admitted as 12th member alongside Laurel and Brainy. I figure that since issue 9 is first person narration by Laurel, she’s just simplifying the order of events for the holovid.

    https://www.lifechucks.com/featured-articles/8gyca1mg1 And yeah… that Triad thing… Did you notice that it was such an obvious relettering job in that panel?