Episode 561 – Back to the Future!

https://editores-euskadi.net/lgu7x3h The Subs take a look at Legion of Super Heroes v4 issue 8. It’s the new origin of the Legion of Super Heroes. What’s different, what’s the same? Let’s find out!


2 thoughts on “ https://anferoptica.com/4pr09ij328 Episode 561 – Back to the Future!

  1. Soma 350Mg Tab Hi guys. Cheap Msj Diazepam Love this issue. It went to so much extremes to show how much continuity DIDN’T change after Glorith. Booo to Marla for cutting corners, I mean what self respecting super-hero team doesn’t need medallion makers and a device that hits you on the head with little model planets? Though why Saturn Girl needs a machine for reading people’s psyches, I’m not too sure.


    https://www.colmadoezcaray.com/0xm7wazdm This week’s been an expensive one for me. Comixology doing a 60% off sale on DC has encouraged me to fill in a big gap in my Legion Comixology collection. I’ll give you a clue as to the extent of the gap [Saga…saga…saga…saga…].


    https://anudha.com/bkrv5er2x Correction corner: I remember this one because I once stumped you guys on it. Blue Jay didn’t go to the time of the Adult Legion, he went to the youngsters era during a try-out (alongside Insulation Lad and Faucet Girl) and ended up joining the Subs.

    https://www.antim.org/k2ibtws49j Looking forward to your full coverage of Time and Time Again. I’ve got the trade of that on a shelf somewhere – it’s one of my favourite Superman stories of that era (any cameo of the JSA during that limbo period instantly gains a comic extra points).

    And hey, taking you up on your invite, if you’d like a British accent on the show at any time, just say the word (as long as the time-difference recording works!) https://www.fundacion-salto.org/pdtk7hr Cheers all